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Top 50 fortunes of Africa: irremovable Aliko Dangote

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The wealthiest persons of Africa are safe from the multiple crises that threaten the continent (disease, political instability…).

According to the last ranking by Forbres magazine, the incomes of the 50 biggest fortunes of Africa got a growth of 6,7 % with regard to the year 2013. Unsurprisingly, the Nr1 of the list has not changed. The Nigerian, Aliko Dangote remains the richest man of Africa. He cumulates a fortune estimated at 21.6 billion $.

The boss of Dangote Industries is far ahead of the South African, Johann Rupert, coming in the second position with 7.3 billion $.

Biography of Dangote Aliko

Years are going by but the Nigerian businessman, Aliko Dangote remains irremovable at the top of the ranking for the fortunes of Africa. With a wealth estimated at 25 billion dollars, the boss of Dangote Industries group is the 1st African to join the Top 25 billionaires of the world in 2014.

Business is successful for Aliko Dangote and his group. The man doubled his fortune within two years moving from 12 billion $ (in 2012) to 25 billion $ in 2014. The serial entrepreneur succeeds in all domains (business of sugar, cement, rice, pastas, textile, salt, transport, oil and gas).

The success of Dangote cement even worries multinationals. In July 2014, in order to face the competition, the French group, Lafarge bought back the shares of Ashaka Cement, Atlas Cement and Unicem companies and became Lafarge Africa.

A few weeks ago, the Cameroonian government granted an approval to the Nigerian industrialist for the operation of the pozzolana quarry in the locality of Tombe.

In his country, Dandote is a real employment provider. In October 2014, he announced the investment of 12 billion USD in the Nigerian economy in order to create 180 000 jobs in several domains (sugar and rice).

« It’s high time the Nigerians made a new effort in order to protect their virtues without which, the country will continue to be in despair« , he declared.

Very involved in the development of Nigeria Aliko Dangote, promised in July 2014, an envelope for 2,3 billion USD for the fight against terrorism in the North of the country under the control of the Islamist sect, Boko Haram.



Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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