Treasury: about one hundred of Togolese and Beninese towards a financial independence

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The program « Financial Independence Summer Camp » (TREASURY) is a new initiative that offers the possibility to African young people, the keys of entrepreneurship in a world where the employment market becomes more and more saturated.


Set up on the basis of a tripartite partnership between the embassies of Benin, Togo and the United States, the program thus benefits to 40 Togolese young people as well as 60 other Beninese who have been acquiring since 4th August and this for two weeks, necessary skills regarding business plan conception and activity launching.


Plein succès à ce programme !


The training is centered on domain as culture, breeding, serigraphy as well as pearls and weaved loincloths making.


The camp is set at the University of Lokossa at 150 km far from Lomé.


For David Meron, the director of the public affairs section of the Embassy of the United States in Lomé, « this program is a wonderful opportunity to strengthen the skills of these young people in entrepreneurship« .


I wish to the very first beneficiaries of the program to fully get the maximum profit from it.


Full success to this program!




Original text by: Blaise AKAME


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