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Twitter: Also successful in Africa! South Africa ahead!

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Facebook, that just celebrated its 10 years anniversary as Africa Top Success reported, well took roots on the continent.

Twitter is facing difficulties but the famous social network which allows 140 digits maxi to communicate becomes more and more successful in its turn.

A recent investigation revealed that South Africa is the country where people tweet the most in Africa, according to a study of Portland cabinet.

English widely prevails on the continent in front of Arabic and French, still according to this study: 60 %, 11, 5 % and less than 5 % for French.

The cabinet counted 344.215 tweets by geo-localization broadcasted since Johannesburg in the fourth quarter of 2013.

Here are other African big cities where Twitter well took roots: Ekurhuleni – A suburb of Johannesburg ( 264.172 ), Cairo ( 227.509 ), Durban ( 163.019 ), Alexandria ( 159.534 ), Nairobi ( 123.078 ), Cape Town (83.818 ) and Accra ( 78.575 ).

The first French-speaking city is Abidjan with 56.054 messages broadcasted in the fourth quarter of 2013.

Soccer remains the most tweeted subject, according to the cabinet Portland, the most quoted team being Orlando Pirates based in Soweto, the big township of Johannesburg.

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