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UNAIDS: «We shall outfight AIDS by 2030»

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The outbreak of Ebola virus disease in West Africa tends to hide the presence of the HIV / AIDS, considered as the disease of the century. In press conference last Thursday in the office of Unesco, Mamadou Diallo, the UNAIDS regional manager for West and Central Africa, indicated that the virus will be outfought before 2030.

« Within 2020, 90 % of people should know their antibody status. These identified people as carriers of the HIV virus, should be put under treatment. If we achieve this within the horizon 2020, we shall outfight HIV / AIDS by 2030« , he indicated.

According to Mamadou Diallo, AIDS is no more an epidemic. « We managed to bend the curve and the speed of the epidemic (…) The first weapon is that we can quickly know our antibody status. We moved from 3 tests to 1. The second weapon is the affordable cost of the treatment. The third is the ease taking of the medicine. We moved from 30 tablets daily to 1. Soon, a tablet per week … We shall protect the life of millions of people before 2030« , he indicated.

According to the report 2013 by UNAIDS, the infections by the HIV has decreased by 33 % since 2001. The death rate also decreased by 29 %.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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