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« A Single Word »: the Senegalese movie selected for Toronto Film Festival

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The documentary « A Single Word » by the sisters Khady and Mariama Sylla will be projected « in world preview show » at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) taking place from 4th to 14th September 2014. The last movie by the Senegalese film-maker Khady Sylla before her death in October 2013 was presented as her will by the production agency, Guiss Guiss Communication.

« It is a will for Khady Sylla, with as main characters, Grandmother Penda Diogo Sarr and both directors (…) A real hymn for the film poetry that tries to push aside the codes for documentary of creation. How to move from oral tradition to filmed word? A question that touches the whole humanity and that both directors explore with tenderness, poetry and humor« , specified the structure in charge of the promotion of the movie.

« A Single Word » will officially come out in Senegal on 8th October 2014, date of the first death anniversary of Khady. Khady Sylla was a Senegalese literary woman and film-maker born on 27th March 1963 in Dakar (Senegal). After obtaining her high school diploma, she settled down in Paris where she studied business and philosophy. The death of one of her grandmothers opened her eyes on writing. « I thought that by writing on her, I would succeed in making survive something, that I would manage to make her come out of what for me was a destruction« , she explained on Wikipedia.

Before «A Single Word», she realized in 2005 «Une fenêtre ouverte» and «Colobane Express» the following year.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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