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« Vues d’Afrique 2014 »: Tango Negro by Dom Pedro rewarded

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The official site of film festival « Vues d’Afrique » published yesterday, the list of the winners of the 30th edition of the festival. The prize of short film came to Algerian director Hicham Lasri with the movie « C’est eux les chiens« . Another Algerian Karim Moussaoui won the prize of the full-length film with the movie « Les jours d’avant« . The director is also a comedian, a producer, a scriptwriter. He is the director of the short film « Ce qu’on doit faire« .

In the « International documentary selection« , the documentary TANGO NEGRO of the Angolan director Dom Pedro won the prize of the full-length film. According to the director, Tango dance has African origins. The 30th edition of the Festival « Vues d’Afrique » was held from 25th April to 4th May 2014 in Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec.

About ten African movies and Creole were projected every day. The festival was also an opportunity of meetings and exchanges between professionals of African cinema. Special activities, previews, artistic exhibitions and shows also filled this 30th edition of the event.


– Full-length film: C’EST EUX LES CHIENS by Hicham Lasri

– Short-length film: LES JOURS D’AVANT by Karim Moussaoui

– The best actress: NADÈGE BEAUSSON-DIAGNE (Family show)

– The best actor: HASSAN BEN BADIDA (C’est eux les chiens)



– Full-length film: TANGO NEGRO by Dom Pedro

– Short-length film: LA LARME DU BOURREAU by Layth Abdulamir



– Full-length film: MALAGASY MANKANY by Haminiaina Ratovoarivony

– Short-length film: L’AUTRE FEMME by Marie Ka

– The best TV series and serial films: C’EST ÇA KIN by Aly Zazi



– Full-length film Via-le-Monde Prize: VIE PIGMENTÉE by Vic Sarin

– Full-length film ONF Prize: POUR UNE NOUVELLE SÉVILLE by Kathy Wazana

– Medium-length film: RACHEL, LA STAR AUX PIEDS NUS by Hélène Magny and Pierre Mignault

– Short-length film: FAIRE TERRE ET MÈRE by V. Bellefleur, I. Gomez-Martin, M.Huysmans, M.Rahimi, and F. Tanguay



– Full-length film: C’EST EUX LES CHIENS by Jawad Rhalid

– Short-length film: RWANDA, L’ENQUÊTE MANIPULÉE by Philippe Lorsignol


 Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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