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WAD Award 2015: An African head of State honored in Paris

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Every year, the West Africa Development (WAD) NGO rewards African personalities, those sons and daughters of Africa who excel themselves by their remarkable work.

The project that has a Pan-African nature, aims at valuing and celebrating Business managers as well as talents of the continent.

The 21st edition of the WAD Award will take place on Saturday, 16th May in Paris. Several business managers as well as journalists will receive trophies.

And for the very first time in the organization of this event, an African Head of State will be rewarded for his remarkable action for the development of contain.

The NGO also fights against brain drain which that constitutes evil affecting the African economy.

« Africa is sick and our leaders are often questoned because they do not create conditions to keep the Africans on the African territory. Our brothers and sisters think that the El Dorado remains Europe« , indicated Zéphirin Zaté, the executive chairman of the West Africa Development organization.

Several diplomatic personalities and artists will take part in this event.

Note that during the 20th edition, Babylas Boton, the news Director for Africa 24, was crowned « best journalist », realizer of great interviews and well-balanced news.


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