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Why Online Gambling Is Becoming Popular in Africa

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Gambling industry forecasts paint a bright picture of Africa’s eGaming landscape in the next few years. South Africa is especially regarded as the gambling Mecca of the continent, given the massive revenue the industry generates for the government. According to Research and Markets stats, Africa’s online gambling industry will realize a 12% compound annual growth rate in the next four years. The projected rapid growth is attributed to emerging trends in the continent that are shaping up eGaming in Africa. But that is only a broader perspective of the surging popularity of online gambling in the world’s second-largest continent. 

The new Yeti casino review explores games and offers available to online gamblers in South Africa. Yeti casino, which is ranked highly among the leading online casinos in Africa, accepts players from different parts of the continent. Let’s explore reasons why online gambling is gaining popularity across the continent. 

Favorable eGaming Laws in Africa

Online gambling laws are fast sweeping across the African continent. Like in the U.S, where several states are eGaming ratifying laws, several governments in Africa are reviewing restrictions on gaming laws. In South Africa, punters can access eGaming platforms anywhere and anytime, especially offshore gaming sites that are not bound by local laws. Thus, it is a wait-and-see before the South African government publishes the Gambling Act of 2008, which will fully legalize the operation of online casinos in the country. 

Ghana’s Gaming Act 721 of 2006 is another example that African countries can copy for more effective regulation of the eGaming industry. Ghana is at the forefront among countries in Africa where online gambling is legal. Kenya is another eGaming-friendly destination, thanks to favorable gaming laws that have seen many gaming providers join the industry. 

Smartphone Revolution Is Fueling Online Gambling in Africa

Smartphone vendors have, over the years, infiltrated Africa. Affordable smartphones have especially become popular among Africa’s youths. Stats published on show that Kenya takes the largest share of the smartphone market in the continent. Despite the government’s crackdown on gaming entities that evaded paying tax in 2020, Kenya’s gambling landscape has continued to expand in recent months. 

Smartphones promote online gambling in African countries. With most gaming companies now offering mobile gambling through Apps, eGaming can only become more popular across the continent. 

Millions of Jobless Africans Turning to Online Gambling 

The high unemployment rate in most African countries has become a thorn in the flesh for most graduates. As a result, many are taking up gambling as a profession. Thus, professional online gamblers are on the rise across the continent. And with Coronavirus still wreaking havoc in most parts of the world, online gambling has become a tipping point for Africa’s youths. Lockdowns due to the COVID-19 outbreak and, consequently, economic downturn have forced millions of jobless youths to take up gambling for survival. 

Expansion of IT infrastructure Fueling Gambling in Africa

Today, informational technology is the mainstay of most developments in Africa. Online gambling is a perfect example of how expanded IT infrastructure is benefiting eGaming across Africa. Players can access gaming sites with a few clicks. With the help of IT, gaming companies have also continued to popularize their brands across Africa. In a nutshell, Africa has never been more ready for online gambling. 

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, African governments have heavily invested in IT infrastructure. Like anywhere else where the internet drives the economy, Africa’s internet connectivity is surging, and with it comes an expanded eGaming landscape. 

Online Gambling Is Convenient and Secure

Compared to land-based casinos, online gambling is not only safer but also more convenient. It is the future of gaming. As Africa’s gambling landscape expands, digital migration to eGaming platforms is evident across the continent. Access to affordable smartphones and cheap internet are major contributors to the fast-evolving online gambling culture in the continent. 

Migration to eGaming platforms has especially peaked after the Coronavirus outbreak. It explains the rising gambling revenue in South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, and Ghana. Today, an African gambler does not need to visit a land-based casino. Rather, they can access top casino sites at their fingertips. 

Online Gambling Is Cheap and Secure

As the online gambling craze sweeps across Africa, it comes with affordability. Punters can wager as little as a few cents on their favorite games. Gaming companies are promising big returns, and incidences of gamblers winning millions in jackpot prizes are not isolated across the continent. In many ways, online gambling is cheaper than placing bets at a land-based casino.


There are many facets to internet gambling that makes it popular in Africa. Fueled by mandatory digital migration, Africa is set to become the next big thing in the gambling world. It is the next frontier for gambling investors. 

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