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Women from Congo Basin: Apply for World Wild Life grant

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World Wild Life launches a grant called « PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SUBSIDIES » towards the women from the Congo basin. It will contribute to the training of the women of this area for a better coverage of their professional activities.

These subsidies take care of short-term trainings that develop necessary skills for a work of effective preservation and a professional progress. Most of the training programs last for less than 6 months and we expect candidates to resume their post equipped with new skills that will help building the capacities of their organization. The subsidy covers training fees up to 5000 USD.

These grants give a support for women who try to obtain a technical or university diploma or certificate in the domain of preservation. These grants allow women from Congo basin to acquire all necessary formal qualifications in preservation.

The grant holders receive a financial support for expenses associated with the training for a period of about one year (limit of 10 000 USD). Studies can be followed wherever worldwide; they must be ended with a certificate or a diploma.

NB: Kindly submit your application at least three months prior to the date set up for the beginning of your training. The eligible countries are Cameroon, Central Republic of Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Republic of Congo.

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