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World Youth Congress: Guinea will host the 7th edition in December

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In an information note from the White House, published outside the USA – Africa Summit, having come to an end on Wednesday in Washington, Guinea was appointed to welcome the coming World Youth Congress.


The meeting is planned from 2nd to 12th December 2014 and it is in partnership with Peace Child International.


You should kindly note that the forum will be centered on the youth unemployment, job creation and innovations regarding eco-companies.


Guinean authorities could only be delighted by this piece of news.


« It is a very good piece of news for the government and for the Guinean youth also. It is a very important thing that they mention our country in a press release from the White House outside the United States / Africa Summit« , declared on Wednesday Moustapha Naité (picture), the Minister in charge of the Youth and the Youth employment.


It was during a press conference that he jointly presented with the six young Guineans having stayed in the USA within the framework of the YALI program.


For Moustapha Naité, the announcement of this event already represent a significant advance for the Guinean youth for whom various reforms have been undertaken since the coming to power of the president Alpha Condé.


« This congress is going to bring the world youth to Guinea. Young people will come to speak about questions connected with their employability« , explained the Minister.


He moreover invited every Guinean to make of this event, a success. The professionals of media are invited in particular « to convey a good image of their country that is going to be henceforth under the spotlight of everyone until the D-day« .




Original text by: Blaise AKAME


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