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Yerim Sow: the Senegalese tycoon invested 315 million euros in hotel business!

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Yerim Sow

315 million euros: it is what Inaugure Hospitality, the group founded by the Senegalese tycoon Yerim Sow is investing in Africa for hotel business.

He planned to build and to manage 2 200 rooms in 13 African countries.

Teylium, the group created in 2001 by Yerim Sow, became now Teyliom.

The group Teyliom is active in real estate (Teyliom Properties), in industry and food-processing industry (Teyliom Industries), in energies (Teyliom Energies), in financial sector (Teyliom Finance) and recently in hotel business (Teyliom Hospitality).

Hotels should thus be built in Chad, in Nigeria, in Cameroon, in Niger, in Ghana, in Benin, in Senegal, in Ivory Coast, in Guinea, in Liberia, in Burkina Faso, in Democratic Republic of Congo and in Sierra Leone.

The group launched four brands, Seen and Seen +. But it also aimed at a wealthier customers through the two other brands: Noom and Noom Residences.

« We are henceforth the only hotel group established in Africa that offers a full range of marks well designed, inspired by Africa and with a real international vision. We think that African market has been mistreated for so long by regional and international groups and we intend to bring real international standards and the best quality of service to a market which aspires to it. »

A very nice projet to be followed.

Full biograghy of Yerim Sow


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