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Every year, according to the World Bank, the African Diaspora sends over $30 billion to the continent. Sadly, only a tiny portion of this is channeled toward business and investments. Imagine what would happen on the continent if more people of African descent started investing in the continent, creating wealth, jobs and prosperity in the process?

That would rival all the foreign aid and so-called investments that have burdened Africa for decades. That’s why I’m glad to be speaking at the maiden edition of the Leap High Africa virtual business summit which starts tomorrow, January 30. The summit takes place online and is free for anyone to attend.


The summit serves as a platform to explore the interesting business opportunities in #Africa, and encourage more people in the Diaspora to take that leap of faith in Africa. So, get yourself a FREE seat at the summit and listen to the start-up stories, struggles, tips, and advice by African business leaders with a Diaspora link. Here’s the link to sign up for a free seat:




Also speaking at the virtual summit are:

Suzie Wokabi

Dr. Harnet Bokrezion

Yannick Lefang

Chris Folayan

Jennifer Bash

Alan Assibey

Viola Llewellyn

Christine Khasinah-Oder

Amadou DAF



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