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Arsenal is looking to build around Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

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According to The Telegraph, Arsenal has reached a verbal agreement with striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. The captain of the club scored 70 goals in 109 games since joining the team at the start of 2018. Aubameyang is set to become a free agent in 2021.

Aubameyang just came off winning the FA Cup on August 1st. Arsenal took a victory against Chelsea (2-1), which included one goal from Aubameyang. The match was played with only a select few occupying the stands. As has become normal, the corona-crisis made this world class match a quiet affair with only a small number of spectators in the famous Wembley stadium. This didn’t faze the Arsenal team, and they delivered against The Blues.

Powerhouses Real Madrid and FC Barcelona have been the subject of talks about a possible new home for Aubameyang. After the FA Cup win, the striker refused to comment on his future with the club, leading to only more conspiracies. On the other hand, the long time Gabon international teased fans after ‘liking’ a Instagram post in which a user was begging him to return to Arsenal. Now, most experts expect him to return to The Gunners.

With the news coming that Aubameyang came to a verbal agreement with the club, signing him until 2023, Arsenal fans are ecstatic. Signing the striker for a 3-year contract at roughly £250,000-a-week saves them a fortune, relatively speaking. Possible replacements for the 31-year old were players like Lautaro Martinez, who is worth around £100m, and Ciro Immobile which would cost a serious fee. Extending Aubameyang will leave Arenal with some remaining funds to invest in improving the squad. With this extension they have a foundation to build upon.

Adding to the amount saved by resigning Aubameyang, Arsenal is planning to pay Mesut Ozil to leave, according to The Mirror. The 31-year old German is taking a hefty sum of Arsenal’s budget, while not fitting into future plans of the club. If this would go through, it will save Arsenal an enormous £350k per week.

Further plans are to pair the Gabon international with Chelsea striker Willian Borges da Silva. This would give Arsenal one of the most formidable offensive teams in the Premier League. The Brazillian would like a 3-year contract, which Chelsea is not offering.

If Arsenal succeeds in extending Aubameyang, putting star players like Silva around him and keeping the core they have now, Arsenal will be the team to beat in the English Premier League.

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