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Lesotho: African Clean Energy proposes solar cookers without smoke

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The African Clean Energy company recently proposes in Lesotho, solar cookers producing no smoke and consuming 70 % fewer fuels. The small colored cylinder sold at 80 dollars allows solving two important problems with which households of the country are confronted as domestic pollution and access to energy.

In fact, these new cookers use several pre-existing techniques to eliminate the toxic smoke thanks to a gasification process which transforms the vegetable materials into combustible synthesis gas. They allow at the same time consequently saving fuel.

« The impact the product can have on health, poverty, and environment worldwide is immense. And this can be relatively achieved fast with an effective and strategic distribution« , declared Judith Walker, the creator of the start-up.

As for the problem of the access to energy, the cookers are equipped with a battery supplied by a small solar panel. An incorporated socked allows charging other electronic devices such as telephones.

The factory established in Lesotho has already produced about 35 000 devices. It plans to increase very soon its annual production to 250 000 and explore at the same time other markets thanks to a participative financing.


Original text by:Agence Ecofin

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