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Innovation Prize for Africa 2014: Altis OBM and Foufoumix rewarded

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African Foundation Innovation announced yesterday in Abuja (Nigeria), prize-winners of Innovation Prize for Africa 2014. Over 10 projects chosen for the final stage, Altis OBM of South Africans Dr. Nicolaas Duneas and Nuno Peres, fascinated the jury.  The project succeeded in combining marketable quality, originality, evolution capacities, social impact and commercial potential. They won 100.000 USD involved in the competition, that will help them to improve their researches.

Altis OBM, the project of Dr. Nicolaas Duneas, is the first injectable bone substitute to the world which contains a complex mixture of various compound of bone growth coming from pigs. It is used to stimulate tissues regeneration of the host in a way which allows fracture consolidation or a bone filling by a similar process to that of a fracture consolidation without assistance.

The Togolese Logou Minsob won the second prize with his Foufoumix. This device is conceived to replace mortar and pestles used to pound foufou, a popular dish in West Africa. The « FOUFOUMIX » is a small culinary robot which allows producing foufou in a discreet, fast and hygienic condition in 8 minutes. This considerably reduces time required for the preparation of this dish while improving sanitary conditions of production.

As reminder, 700 candidates were registered for the competition Innovation Prize for Africa 2014.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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