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20 young builders of Africa of tomorrow: Magatte Wade at the top of Forbes’ list!

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Forbes magazine adores rankings!

And having revealed a few days ago, the biggest African fortunes , Forbes is interested in the ranking of « 20 young builders of Africa of tomorrow ».

At the top of the list is the Senegalese Magatte Wade , business woman of 38 years and the founder of Adina World Beat Beverages, a Senegalese company that is making success in the United States.

The second Senegalese is Dieynaba Bakiri Ndoye (37), co-founder Colorii shop signs specialized in beauty devoted to Black and half-breed women.

Here is the list as below:

1 – Magatte Wade, 38 years: founder of Adina (Senegal).

2 – Acha Leke, 40: Director of McKinsey office in Lagos (Cameroon)

3 – Diagou Janine, 40 years: DG in banking business of the Group NSIA (Ivory Coast).

4 – Cina Lawson, 40 years: Postmaster and the Digital Economy (Togo).

5 – Didier Drogba, 35 years: professional footballer (Ivory Coast).

6 – Verone Mankou, 27 years: entrepreneur, president of VMK (Congo).

7 –  Swaady Martin Leke, 36: Entrepreneur, founder of Yswara (Ivory Coast).

8 – Arthur Zang, 26 years: designer of medical touch tablet Cardiopad (Cameroon).

9 – Samuel Eto’o, 32 years: professional football player (Cameroon).

10 – Tidjane Dème, 40: Head of Google French-speaking Africa (Senegal).

11 – RainatouSow 30 years: women rights activist (Guinea).

12 – Eric Kacou, 38: Co-founder and CEO of ES Partners (Ivory Coast).

13 – Ingrid Awadé, 40: Director General of Taxes (Togo).

14 – Clare Akamanzi, 34: Director General of Rwanda Development Board (Rwanda).

15 – Dieynaba Bakiri Ndoye, 37 years: co-founder of Colorii shop signs (Senegal).

16 – Marie-Cécile Zinsou, 31 years: Zinsou Foundation for Contemporary African Art (Benin).

17 – Jean-Marc Savi From Tove, 40 years: Partner at Cauris Management (Togo).

18 – Serge Thierry Mickoto, 41 years: CEO of Strategic Investment Fund (Gabon)

19 – Anthony Obame, 24 years: taekwondo champion (Gabon).

20 – Marou Amadou, 42 years: Minister of Justice and government spokesman (Niger).


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