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The 20 under 40 years old African «young leaders of the world»

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012032014111144000000YGLsiteThey are 20 and they are less than 40 years old. They are already successful and a bright future still awaits them!

The world economic forum has just revealed the list of the « young world leaders ». They were at first 214 to have aspired to this classification. 19 came from sub-Saharan Africa and three of the Maghreb.

A communiqué indicated: « They have in common this skill of how to adopt an entrepreneurial approach in order to create and build the changing »

The list as below: 
– Fatima Zahra Mansouri, mayor of Marrakech, Maroc
– Khelifa Omezzine, councillor of the  minister of Finances, Tunisia
– Bernice Dapaah, executive director of Ghana Bamboo Bikes, Ghana
– Michael Macharia, founder of Seven Seas Technologies (SST), Kenya
– Sara Menker, founder of Gro Ventures, Kenya
– Kanini Mutooni, executive director of MyAzimia Ltd, Kenya
– Nneka Mobisson-Etuk, executive director of  the Institute for health developement, Nigeria
– Danladi Verheijen, founder of Verod Capital, Nigeria
– Dave Duarte, executive director of  Treeshake, South Africa
– Nkosana Mashiya, central bank of south Africa
– Lerato Mbele, presentor, international service for BBC, South Africa
– Gugu Nxiweni, chairman of Etrostep, South Africa
– Marlon Parker, founder of Reconstructed Living Lab, South Africa
– Anton du Plessis, manager of Institute for Security Studies (ISS), South Africa
– Hanli Prinsloo, producer, South Africa
– Hanneli Rupert, founder of Okapi, Merchants on Long, South Africa
Charlize Theron, actresss and founder of Africa Outreach Project, South Africa
Alek Wek, model and member of the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI), South Sudan
– Angellah Jasmine Kairuki, attached minister of Justice and constitutional affairs, Tanzania
– H. Neghesti, executive director of Jefag Logistics Tanzania Ltd, Tanzania
– Vincent W. Bagiire, parliament member, Uganda.


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