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IWD 2015: African women rewarded in Berlin

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They are many, these women mothers, sisters, wives, who beyond their domestic or professional concern, play an extraordinary role in the history of their country and their community.

Well, these nice women will be once again celebrated on 8th March of this year on the occasion of the International Woman’s Day (IWD 2015).

And for this edition, the Friends and Promoters of Arts and African Cultures Association (Afrokult e.V.) based in Berlin, Germany and by CARREF VIP, will reward dynamic women through a prestigious prize.

According to the promoter, the Cameroonian, Serge Ngomsi, it will be a matter of encouraging and rewarding the African and non-African women who, during the year, showed an exceptional commitment.

« They are women who do their best when it is a question of giving their contribution for integration and together living in their host country. Besides, they constitute a link between their host country and the country of origin« , underlined Mr. Ngomsi.

« This prize started in 2014, reward numerous dynamic women. Today at its second edition, the challenge is big because this time, the jury plans to consider the various domains where several African women more and more assert themselves« , adds the promoter.

An initiative that will certainly contribute to better identify and encourage these women who often work in the shadow without fanfare at a better integration and a self-fulfillment of our communities.

Convinced that the commitment of woman can be effective only with the support of her family and her husband, the organizers of the event indicate that the ceremony will articulate around the theme « The daily implication of the man for the self-fulfillment of the woman in the society« .

This annual great meeting dedicated to women will be crowned by a gala evening in which various personalities will take part.


Original text by:Blaise AKAME

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