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M-changa: African solution to make successful your fund raising campaigns

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M-changa also called E-harambee is the first mobile application 100 % « Made in Africa » which allows private individuals and companies starting and managing fund raisings in an effective and profitable way via SMS or Internet devices. The application is selected for the final stage of the fourth edition of the Innovation Prize for Africa.

With M-changa, the fund raising operations are done in transparency with simplicity. Initiated by a group of young Kenyan managed by Kyai Mullei, the new concept is essential for civil society organizations, political parties and any person who finds necessary to look for goodwill financial supports.

Already operational, the platform allows transferring money from the M-Pesa and Airtel Money mobile applications to PayPal. According to its promoters, the application can invite in an automatic way, an unlimited number of people to contribute to the fund raising. The amounts obtained have traceability and can be collected at any time by the organizers of the fund raising campaign.

Let us remind that all these operations are completely free of charge. The application is available in Mobile and internet version.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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