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Africa Top Success Awards: Vote for Fally Ipupa

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He distances himself by his trendy style. And many people are unable to resist to him when he is on stage. He is said to be charming, excellent dancer and endowed with a mesmerizing voice. The only artist who gathers all these qualities is unmistakably Fally Ipupa.

Nicknamed the Di Caprio of RDC, Fally Ipupa Nsimba was born in Kinshasa on 14th December 1977. He was a member of the Latin Quarter group of Koffi Olomide during almost 10 years before standing on his own two feet by pursuing a solo career.

Some people support that Fally is the first Congolese artist of his generation to have tried the adventure of a bivalent musical career.

Extremely shy in his early childhood because of his stammering and lisp, Fally Ipupa is a complete artist today who seduces millions of fans during his multiple concerts marked by his « swaying hips ».

His musical genres go from the classic to the Hip-hop without neglecting however his « native rumba« . In other words, he mixes tradition, modernity and creativity, what makes of him an exceptional artist of his generation.

His success was marked by his first gold disc won for more than 100 000 copies sold.

On 7th April 2007, the artist presented in the mythical room of the Olympia of Paris.

Years after 2007, Fally participated in bgreat world events, shared of great stages and won various prizes.

In 2014, particularly on 5th May, he puts on-line (on Facebook and YouTube) his new title « Original« . In the clip, we can see the singers of Zouk dance, Lynnsha and Fanny-J and the Thunder of Oklahoma City Basketball player, Serge Ibaka dancing on the song.

We notice in the song that Fally Ipupa puts forward the folk style of Africa and especially the rhythm of the Congolese music. The video of the song reaches the bar of 2.700.000 of views within six months.

After his victory in Afrimma (Dallas) in the category « Best Artist from Central Africa » in July 2014, Fally Ipupa goes to Washington within the framework of the « United States-Africa » Summit, the meeting for which Barack Obama invited 47 African leaders for the period going from 4th to 6th August 2014.

Though being the only artist from the center of Africa to be invited, Fally Ipupa once again makes the pride of the Central Africa Among about ten African artists who are present there.

Months after the release of his album « Power Kosa Leka« , Fally Ipupa announces that his group will benefit from an album in 2015.

In October 2014, he publishes the poster of the album on his official Facebook page, and then he announces by the way that that the album will be available at the end of 2014 or the beginning of 2015.

Through his foundation that bears his name, Fally Ipupa Foundation (FIF), launched on 19th June 2013, the artist intends to restore smile to the populations of the DR of Congo mainly those in Nord-Kivu, shaken by wars, disasters, diseases.

On 14th October of this year, the foundation offers an ambulance equipped with medical care to the provincial referenced hospital of Goma for the population in Nord-Kivu; An nth very praiseworthy action by the authorities of the country.

Today, Fally Ipupa is a model of success. He multiplies concerts, tours and conferences.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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