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Awards 2014

Africa Top Success Awards 2014: Find out the prize-winners!!!

The first edition of Africa Top Success Awards launched on 28th November 2014, came to an end on Sunday, 4th January 2015. As announced, five categories were competing. They are: « The African of the year », « The African Woman of the year », « The African artist of the year », « The African innovation …

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Africa Top Success Awards: Vote for Foufoumix

He makes the happiness of the African households. Foufoumix, invented by the Togolese electronics engineer, Logou Minsob, allows obtaining foufou (dough obtained of tubers) in 8 minutes. Before the creation of this small machine, tubers (yams, manioc…) were generally pounded by women in painful conditions and without hygiene. Foufoumix, the …

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Africa Top Success Awards: Vote for the African innovation of the year

The development of the Start-ups in Africa allowed highlighting during the year 2014, a great number of African innovations. These very talented young people have the merit to invent tools adapted to the continent and that meet the needs of populations (from the most disadvantaged to the well-to-do). May it …

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Africa Top Success Awards: Vote for Souke

He is known in the series Bododiouf broadcasted by several African television channels in 2000s. He is back but this time behind cameras. The comedian of Burkina Faso, Souké of his real name Mahamadou Tiendrébeogo, is working on “ça ou rien“ (No alternative), his very first movie in production. In …

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Africa Top Success Awards: Vote for the African woman of the year 2014

  « The African Woman of the year » is one of the most prestigious categories of the first edition of Africa Top Success Awards. It includes the most influential African feminine personalities who enjoy a great successful experience in their respective domains (economic, cultural and sports). As for all other categories, …

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Africa Top Success Awards 2014: Vote for the African artist of the year

The West Africa dominated the African musical scene in 2014 with the revelation of new talents of the Afro music. The Nigerian and Ghanaian artists are so in the front row for the various international rankings. This new trend (Azonto, Skelewu, Gweta) does not however overshadow the previous African tones. …

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Didier Drogba: his biography

2014 marks Didier Drogba’s international retirement. Nevertheless the former captain of the Elephants of Ivory Coast still keeps his popularity. The multiple humiliations experienced by his teammates since his departure confirm the dominating position of the former striker of Galatasaray in the national team. At 36 years old, the Ivorian …

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A’slafo: his biography

2014 has been a successful year for the Ivorian artist, A’slafo (of his real name Salif Traoré). The vocal leader and founder of the Magic System group is at the top of his glory with the 16th gold disc he won in September 2014 with « Africainement Vôtre« , the last album …

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Sheyi Adebayor: his biography

The Togolese international footballer and striker of Tottenham, Sheyi Emmanuel Adebayor is listed among the richest 100 celebrities in the world according to the ranking 2014 by the American magazine, Forbes, with 6,5 million euro annual income. It was in 2011 when he joined Tottenham, at first borrowed from Manchester …

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