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Anna Ngann Yonn: the Cameroonian creator.

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Anna Ngann Yonn4Anna Ngann Yonn is the happy creator of Kreyann brand. She lives in Douala with her husband and her three children.

Native of the big family Ndog Bianga of Ngonga village in Sanaga Maritime and NdogTindi of Lika village, she always says to have had the passion of fashion from the age of 13 years. A real vocation! ‘My two grandmothers were dressmakers and I believe that I was especially influenced by the wardrobe of my mother who travelled a lot worldwide and who brought back magnificent clothes and fabrics from countries which she visited.’

After he had obtained his high school diploma (science option), she decided to launch into fashion studies in France and not doing as his father wished for her, nurse’s school as her mother. She was awarded at the prestigious College of Fashion Arts of Paris (ESMOD).

In 1992, she returned to Cameroon. Not very realistic return: « I wondered if I made the good choice. But I finally opened a small workshop. I started with a machine, then two and so on, until today that I am at the head of a light industry of fashion which has its own brand: Kreyann.

Anna Ngann Yonn always talks about her brand with passion and nothing can stop her: « Kreyann which means « Anne Creation », is a brand which is essentially based on interbreeding of culture. Forms are simple and childish, but we try to be inspired by various cultures to decorate our clothes and so, find the style which is ours: interbreeding. Kreyann is a line of woman garment, ready-to-wear and sewing. I try with my team to find the right dosage which will please my customers. We work with several materials, essentially natural materials, as silk, cotton and linen. It is materials that we take under various forms, unmanufactured or uncluttered… »

Her big pride today is to show her collections all over the world. She started in Paris, Luanda, Johanesbourg, Mauritius, Abuja…

Her conviction: « when we are guided by passion, we overcome many obstacles. I always tell myself that there will always be someone to help us »

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