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Cotonou: the 3rd night in hotel will be wonderful!

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A view of a terrace bedroom atop the AKA Central Park Hotel July 24, 2013 in New York. The room offers a chance to sleep under the stars and the lights of Manhattan. AFP PHOTO/Don Emmert

The ambition of promoting hotel business and tourism in Benin really means a lot to the members of « Les Saveurs d’ Afrique » group. For this purpose, they reorganize the 3rd edition of « Hotelkeepers Evening » that will be held next December.

According to the promoters, this edition will take place in three big stages with a very interesting program.

According to the chairman of the organization, Rodrigue Attolou, the first stage will consist in organizing of the training day for young people on the theme « Training and creation of one’s own hotel business in 12 months« .

The latter underlined that this training will take place on 1st December 2014 in the large room of Agla people’s house.

Scholarships for training in hotel and catering industry are planned for the fortunate young people who will take part in the training.

Mr. Attolou continued that the second phase of the project will consist in organizing the day of training for the promoters on the theme « How to gain the loyalty of your clientele by developing customer loyalty of your staff« .

It will be held on 3rd December 2014 in the VIP room of « Les Casseroles du Sherif » restaurant.

Promoters or hotel and tourist business managing staffs are expected in this meeting.

The gala evening that is planned on 6th December is the last stage and will mark the apotheosis and is going to offer an exceptional dinner during which awards will be given.

The evening will naturally be embellished by the performance of famous artists.

Chance will be given to all actors in hotel and tourism business sector attending the event to exchange on the establishment and the keeping up of a social and occupational relation.

We should note that Hotelkeepers Evening generally aims at gathering in an instructive melting pot promoters or tourist institution staffs and young people working or not in the sector.

It is a melting pot that would certainly contribute to the development of tourist sectors and young people occupational integration.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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