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Patrick Awuah: The millionaire left Microsoft for the African future leaders

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Patrick Awuah is a former executive of Microsoft who won and made the firm win millions but at time to time, while he lived in the United States, Patrick Awuah wondered what he could do for his country.

After 20 years spent in the United States, he decided to go back to his native Ghana with his family to create there a University that would train future leaders. He thus created the Ashesi University in Accra, the capital (Ashesi that means « starting » in his dialect Twi).

Patrick explained that he thought of returning to Africa when he became father, thinking that it is his responsibility and of people like him to give a new breath to the continent.

For Awuah, the schools of Ghana are too much based on the learning by heart instead of teaching the students how to think by themselves and solve real problems.

In 2003 he started by renting a building in Accra and installed there a small classroom, a cafeteria for 30 pupils.

Today, he is at the head of 9 buildings and an enormous campus that can welcome 500 students, arranged over 40 hectares in Berekuso, a city situated at one hour drive away from Accra.

This year, his University will celebrate its 10 years of existence and if he admits that leaving the United States where his job was secured was not easier, he henceforth recoups his costs and is fully satisfied with his decision.

The school fees in the Ashesi University costs 9000 dollars per year any expenses included + accommodation.

The man, who began his studies in Ghana to end them in the United States where he obtained a job at Microsoft, can boast himself to be a perfect model for his country.

He moreover invites the international community to come back to Africa within 30 years because he is sure that the most competitive universities will be there.


Original text by: B.World Connection

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