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Grow Hub Meeting: a program to boost SME in Senegal

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Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) represent one of the economic lifeblood of the continent.

In Senegal, in order to connect the Senegalese SME between them and with all Africa, Represent’ Action West Africa organization, in partnership with the Agency for development, supervision and promotion of the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (ADEPME), has just launched in Dakar, a development program of the Senegalese SME (Grow Hub Meeting).

According to the promoters, the program aims at helping companies to meet decision-makers, finding investors, finding strategic or technological alliances, financial and commercial partners, and developing new markets.

« The Grow Hub Meeting aims at the organization of business meetings, business trips and training« , added Mohamed el Habib Ndiaye, manager of Represent’ Action West Africa during a meeting with the press.

The aforementioned program is established over five years with 60 meetings that will address every business manager, employee, or shareholder whose activity sector is presented to the program.

Specifically, there are a total of 12 business meetings, 12 training sessions, 12 consulting and conferences, 12 financing research sessions and 12 economic missions.

« We expect to allow companies of one or several given sectors to meet suppliers, distributors, customers and decision-makers with the aim of developing their activities.

It is planned for 2015 to begin with the sectors of agriculture and food-processing industry, ICTS, mines or tourism« , specified Mohamed El Habib Ndiaye.


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