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Flora Coquerel: Miss France 2014 is in Benin, a country dear to her heart!

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« I am French-Beninese and I shall be French-Beninese all my life » it was she declared the evening of her election last December.

Flora Coquerel, the new elected Miss France 2014, who is French-Beninese, is back to Benin, a country dear to her heart.

A meeting with the Head of State Yayi Boni is planned as well as a visit of the central Office of child protection and the hospital of mother and child of Cotonou.

The beautiful Flora will also inaugurate a well in a village (Akaradè) and she will come to support development aid activities and cultural immersion in the locality of Alejo-Koura.

Miss France is 19-year-old: « I am proud to represent cosmopolitan France (…) It is also what what made me different from others. My interbreeding, it is all I have, it is my person. I am French-Beninese and I shall be French-Beninese all my life, it was thus important to put it forward. I am very proud of my origins, to represent inhabitants of Orleans, Benin but France also ».

Pretty, Flora Coquerel is 1, 82 meters high. She is also a well-made head: she is second year student in international marketing and would like to work in the luxury marketing.

She practises dancing and badminton; she likes cinema, fashion and travelling.

She is very mobilized for « elimination of illiteracy » and « women insertion into work places ».

« I like going till the end of things I undertake », she promised.

Flora declared about herself: « I am a shy and reserved young woman who has difficulty in putting forward. I always doubt about myself. I come from the middle class. My father is a manager of a small company and my mother is a nursery assistant. Besides my studies, I have been a presenter in a children outdoor activity center since the age of 16 years old. I always work to earn my pocket money. »

« Younger, my height gave me complex. I always was the highest of my class. And then I tried to accept such the way I am! »

A very attractive Miss about whom we should hear a lot this year!

Africa is proud to discover her!

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