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«Fattéliku»: new album of Youssou Ndour full of memories

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The Minister-adviser of Senegalese president Macky Sall never misses the opportunity to value the genius that slumbers in him. After he had brought out a  song peace in Central Republic of Africa, Youssou Ndour just launched on 4th April, historic date of Senegal « Fattéliku » (Memory in English), an album of four titles full of nostalgia.

The memory square was crowded on this 4th April ardent supporters of « King of mbalax ». Ndour not only played on the date and the setting where was held the event. The artist also used the rich Senegalese directory of 60s and 70s. The album « Fattéliku » restored life in popular songs and in hits of hurdy-gurdy glories Samba Diabaré Samb, Ndiaga Mbaye, and Lalo Kéba Dramé.

Youssou Ndour,with this new album, is paying tribute to the fighting youth. He also praised basic education set on politeness. The Senegalese press tycoon announced the coming out every year on the same date of an album of four titles. « Our objective is to bring out a series of ten albums », he specified.

Ndour did not refrain from calling the public to the promotion of Senegalese music. « You should encourage artists by buying their albums. Even with the evolution of culture and Tricks, the West always has musical factories for the sale of albums. It is very important and I believe that the economy of culture must be encouraged in Senegal », he indicated.

Youssou Ndour is planning to organize a show which recipes will be shared between the families of artists Samba Diabaré Samb, Ndiaga Mbaye, and Lalo Kéba Dramé.

Composition of the album «Fattéliku»

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Discography of Youssu Ndour


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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