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Souké: The star of Bododiouf is working on a new movie.

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He is known in the series Bododiouf broadcasted by several African television channels in 2000s. He is back but this time behind cameras. The comedian of Burkina Faso, Souké of his real name Mahamadou Tiendrébeogo, is working on « ça ou rien« , his very first movie in production.

Mahamadou Tiendrébeogo evokes in his full-length film, a phenomenon of current events. He puts a critical look on attitude of African girls who are ready by all means to have a white husband.

« Through this movie, we want to raise consciousness our sisters. It is not by force with a white man that they can enjoy their life. They do not have to sell of their dignity nor look for easiness », he declared on APA. The movie is expected at the end of the year on our screens.

Souké did not specify if his cousin Sidiki in Bohodiouf series will appear in his movie but he assured the presence of professional actors on the project.

Mahamadou Tiendrébeogo was a dancer before launching himself into cinema. He also played in two groups in Ivory Coast. The new director, in an interview granted to the Malian site Maliweb, indicated in 2007 that he did not follow any artistic study before launching himself into cinema.

« It is necessary to admit that art prevented me from studying. I limited myself to form 6 of primary school after two-month-class. Then, I totally stopped school. It was not a matter of lack on means because my parents could pay me studies. It was my false. I did not even have my Basic school-leaving qualification », he declared.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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