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Chidinma: The clip of «Oh Baby» Finally available!

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Chidinma, the rising star of the Nigerian music has just launched the clip of her single « Oh Baby », a featuring realized with her fellow countryman Flavor. The clip awaited since a few weeks, is announcing the coming summer colors in West Africa.

Miss Kedike (as nicknamed by her ardent supporters) was faithful to her traditions. The clip tells about everyday life activities of a little bit evasive girl. Chimdinma once more was the main actress of the scenario. Kindly watch it herer…


Chidinma emerged by participating in the third edition of reality show « Project Fame West Africa », the equivalent of Star Ac, during which she was nicknamed in Nigeria « the girl of big voice ». Her single Kedike was a real success in Nigeria and in West Africa.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO


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