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Ghettho Kids: these Ugandan children that inflame the web

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They were discovered by the public for the first time with the title « Sitya Loss » by the Ugandan artist, Eddy Kenzo. Today they are famous in their country and on the Internet. The videos of the Ghetto Kids (8 – 11 years old) are visualized by millions of Internet users. Having become artists from their childhood, they make shows on stages and collect money for the happiness of their parents.


The story of the Ghetto Kids started with Daouda Kavuma, the young primary school teacher and choreographer in his spare time. He trained the children and changed them into artists. « I met one of these boys in the street dancing and I saw that he is talented. I set up the group by finding other children. They are really from the ghetto; it is what we try to show to the world. I have the hope that with the support of each and every one, we can change their future« , he explained on RFI.

Five at first, the group is extended to about twenty children who learn every day new dance steps. For these children who were living in the poverty, a new life has started for them.

« My mother was not capable of paying the school fees for everybody in the house but since I joined the group, my school fees are paid. I used to wear used clothes but now I have nice clothes and I am very grateful for that » declared Isaac (member of the group) very delighted.



Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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