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15th OIF Summit: the surprise guest!

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Several African Heads of States are meeting from 29th to 30th November 2014 in the Senegalese capital town within the framework of the 15th OIF Summit.

And it is exactly the opportunity seized by about twenty artists from West Africa calling on these African leaders to think on Ebola virus that continues to kill people in several countries of this part of the continent.

In an op-ed published last Wednesday, 26th November, these artists or opinion leaders « exhort these presidents to express themselves on the mobilization against the Ebola epidemic« .

« Ebola: day by day, hope is reduced, in what language should it be said? », is the title of the document.

Among others impressive messages, the signers among whom the Malian singers Amadou and Mariam, the Senegalese, Ismaël Lô, the Burkinabe rapper, Smockey, the Cameroonian musician, Richard Bona or the Senegalese film-maker, Amain Gomis, ask from the leaders « to really make a commitment by bringing a political and sustainable answer to Ebola crisis« .


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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