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Senegal: Experts announced the writing of the history of the country.

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« No one is allowed to destroy a page of the history of people because people without history, it is a world without soul », said Alain Foka. The majority of colonized African countries inherited their histories drafted by colonists. Senegal wants to distance itself by launching the ambitious project of rewriting of its history. A seminar of preparation was organized this weekend in Dakar to have the unction of political authorities of the country.

« The project is supported by the highest political authorities of the State and of the city of Dakar. We owe this credibility to the initiator of the project and to the team of his initiative committee », indicated Professor Yoro Fall, reporter of the seminar in which participated Senegalese Minister of Higher Education and Research, Mary Teuw Niane and his colleague of Culture, Abdoul Aziz Mbaye.

The writing of the general history of Senegal will require the collaboration of about 400 scientists and researchers, an innovation in the country. « I listed 376 people who gave their agreement for this project. I do not know a scientific project in Senegal that gathered so many people coming from various horizons (…) Never a project of such an importance obtained so many supports », specified Professor Iba Der Thiam.

The results of the researchers’ works must include all sectors of Senegal. « All populations, all ethnic groups, all sociocultural groups are concerned by these important advances of research. All periods are covered », indicated Yoro Fall.

The final document that will be published in three volumes will be available on 31st January 2015 according to lecturers.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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