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Aliko Dangote: Always stronger, always further!

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Twelve (12) billion USD is the paltry sum Aliko Dangote promised to invest in the economy of his country, Nigeria.

The fabulously wealthy Nigerian businessman underlined that the financial envelope will be invested in the production of sugar and rice in the State of Adamawa (North Nigeria).

By injecting these funds in this project, the CEO of Dangote Industries intends to create 180.000 jobs and fight terrorism in the north-east part of the country.

However, the businessman put conditions on his investment by a convenient atmosphere.

For this, he invited his fellow countrymen « to take advantage of Tabaski and pray so that peace and safety prevail in the country« .

Qualifying the current situation in Nigeria of « temporary phase », Aliko Dangote exhorted his fellow countrymen « not to give way to despair but to show determination and courage« .

« It’s high time the Nigerians made proof of a new opportunity to protect their virtues without which the country will continue to roam in despair« , he estimated.

He also plans to invest four billion dollars in other African countries during the next five years.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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