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Beynaud: about 7000 spectators at the Culture palace of Abidjan

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Announced as his very first great live concert in Abidjan, the economic capital town Ivory Coast, the concert of last 1st March by the Ivorian singer, Serge Beynaud, was a big hit.

According to the APA news agency, 7000 spectators attended the show in the gardens of the Culture Palace of Abidjan, the tickets being fixed at 5000 FCFA for the general public and 10000 FCFA for the VIP.

« Serge Beynaud who almost explored all the songs of his rich sound recording directory, entertained thousands of fans coming from all over the city of Abidjan« , underlined the agency.

From the Okéninkpin concept to Fouinta Fouinté including Lokoko, Sapé Sapé and Kababéléké, the artist shared a festive atmosphere with music lovers of Abidjan.

For every song, the spectators repeated the chorus with Serge Beynaud, sketching dance steps.

Organized by the factual department of Gaou Productions (structure of Magic System), this concert besides allowed the rising « Coupé Décalé » artist to become reconciled with one of his female dancers; reported APA New.

For the vocal leader of the Ivorian mythical musical group, Salif Traoré alias A’Salfo it was a matter of « offering a helping hand to the young talents« .


Original text by: Blaise AKAME 

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