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Books in Ivory Coast: Senior writers and young authors rewarded

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The International Book Fair of Abidjan (SILA) is back. The 7th edition will be held from 05th to 09th November around the theme, « book at the heart of emergence« . And they are more than 30 thousand visitors expected at this meeting of the literary world.

During the opening ceremony of the event, the general Commissioner of this show, Lucien Agbia revealed that Ivory Coast book industry produces 7 million books per year.

The latter underlined that this production « represent at 70 % the educational publishing and at 30 % the general literature« .

In order to allow authors to live on their job, the Ivory Coast Ministry of Culture introduced two National Grand Prix of Literature « to reward prize-winners » in the categories « Senior writers » and « Young authors« .

« We are in Africa where illiterates’ rate is high. For the writer lives on his art, it is necessary for the author to be of very great fame or he should become international« , indicated the general commissioner.

The latter denounces « fraud which makes that books are not still recorded by those who pay for copyright« .

As novelty introduced into the organization of the 7th SILA, we can note the participation of eight countries from the Basin of Congo.

« A permanent library which will reward the best readers of the Show as well as a coffee-room will be the setting for debate and exchanges between authors and readers, just like the implementation of a reading workshop will be also be part of this Show« , underlined Mr. Agbia.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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