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Debordo Leekunfa: a complaint lodged against the artist

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The news is revealed by the Go Magazine and it is about a « succession of misfortune » for Debordo Dj, the author of the hit « Rien que la Nation« , that has just lost his manager, Rodrigue 42.

In addition to this painful news, the DJ will also have to deal with a complaint lodged against him.

It is the promoter of shows, Omar Salso, who is the author of this complaint. He blames the former partner of DJ Arafat for having not kept his promise on 31st December 2014 for a show in Korhogo.

He invited the artist for this show for a payment of a million FCFA. But contrary to all expectations, the artist would not have come.

Last Monday, 5th January, he handed a court summons to him so that they can settle the case in front of the judicial authorities.

While waiting for the outcome of this case, enjoy once again this nice melody, « Rien que la Nation »



Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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