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Energy: 60 % of Madagascans will have access in 2030

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The Malagasy State has henceforth opted for the popularization of renewable energies. Long-term projects are thus launched.

In Senegal, 57 % of the population has access to Energy. And in South Africa, the situation is even better with a rate of 80 %. Whereas in Madagascar, only 15 % of the population has access.

A situation that shows to what extent Madagascan leaders did not know how to well exploit various resources existing in Madagascar.

« Our country has all that is better in terms of resources or exploitable natural resources. But up to here, only a minority of Madagascans can take advantages of it because of mismanagement. It is what motivated the minister of Energy« , underlined Richard Fienena, the minister of Energy.

The latter announced the vision of his department for years to come. « We just set up our objective. We just decided that in 2020, 30 % of the population should have access to energy. And in 2030, this rate should be doubled or 60 % », asserted the minister.

In fact, the boss of Energy counts on the complete operation of renewable energies.

Up till now, 70 % of energies operated in Madagascar come from machines using in their turn other types of energies.

He then explained, « We all noticed that this practice has never brought us profits. So, I declare that we have to turn to the operation of these renewable energies. Especially that our country has them a lot« .

Original text by: Blaise AKAME  

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