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Madagascar: priority to agribusiness!

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RAJAONARIMAMPIANINA-Ivato-Bruxelles-©-Andry-Ranoarivony-29« The including and sustainable industrial development: the African agribusiness for the food safety« . This is the theme chosen this year by the United Nations Organization for the Industrial Development within the framework of the celebration of the of the African Industrialization Day of in Antananarivo, Madagascar.

« Following the example of other developing countries, it is necessary to give priority to food-processing industry in Madagascar especially as the country has a big potentiality in agricultural resources to transform« , announced the Minister of Industry and Development of the Private sector, Jules Etienne during this ceremony.

« It is what will allow satisfying the food needs for the nation. And this food safety depends on the existence of foodstuffs and the possibility of getting it on the market, as well as of the purchasing power of the consumers« , he continued.

But first all, the strengthening of production and processing capacities of the local industries by means of an upgrading is imperative.

The development of SME working particularly in the field of the agribusiness is also included without forgetting the improvement of the competitiveness of products and the promotion of entrepreneurial project.

Besides, « Africa, including Madagascar, has to valorize its human resources if it wants that its food-processing industries to be really competitive on the world markets. We also work with the Ministry of Trade to limit excessive imports in order to support the local industries« , underlined the supervising minister.

The private sector, on its part, is also ready to develop the agribusiness.

« Working in association with the producing farmers has become more than an obligation to in order stock up local raw materials instead of importing them. The establishment of this valuable chain upstream until downstream of a sector will thus allow to promote the food-processing industry. It assures, not only the food safety, but also creates employments. On the other hand, the local industry becomes competitive« , evoked the Chairman of the Labor union for the Industries of Madagascar, Stéphane Hery Raveloson.

We should note that Homéopharma, Agrivet and Holcim are the most advanced processing industries in the country.

On the other hand, « the problem of energy and tax system facing the regional integration constitutes a concern for the competitiveness of local industries« , he concluded.

Photo : the Madagascan president, Hery Rajaonarimampianina


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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