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Finance: an Angolese lady soon majority shareholder of Banco BIC

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Isabel dos Santos

Isabel Dos Santos is not to be introduced any more. The elder daughter of the president of Angola is also the wealthiest woman of Africa according to the international press.

Shareholder of the prestigious Portuguese bank Banco BIC, the billionaire is negotiating with Américo Amorim, another shareholder of the Bank in order to buy back from him, his shares (25 %). It was what indicated the American magazine Forbes.

With 50 % of the shares of Banco BIC to her credit, Isabel Dos Santos will become the majority shareholder of the Portuguese bank in which she already had shares. The Angolan lady who made a fortune in financial services among others, is also a shareholder with 19, 5% in Banco BPI, another Portuguese bank.

Certified in electric engineering and in business administration, the fortune of Isabel Dos Santos is estimated at 3, 9 billion dollars, according to Forbes.

Isabel Dos Santos is described by the Portuguese newspaper Público as « a businesswoman, extremely intelligent and dynamic, who is also professional and sympathetic ». Financial Times wrote in March 2013 during an interview that « Even some critics recognized the independent talent of Isabel Dos Santos as a businesswoman. »

In the same interview, Isabel Dos Santos said that she is a businesswoman, not politician. Isabel Dos Santos joined business at the age of 24 years old by using the influence of his father.


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