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Index Mo Ibrahim Performance: Africa globally progresses

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Africa globally progresses, particularly thanks to the questions of human rights and citizen participation in politics, in spite of a slowdown of economic performances.

It is what revealed the « Mo Ibrahim » foundation that published on Monday, 29th September its annual index on African governance (IIAG 2014).

The document shows that the continent has progressed, particularly since 2009, thanks to « good results » obtained on questions of human development, namely health, and participation of populations in the political life.

The sectorial results indicate that the main factors of progress at the general level of governance evolved.

« The global progress registered during the last five years (2009-2013) jointly results from Participation, Human Rights and Human Development categories, taking over thus Sustainable Economic development category that, having been the driving force of progress at the general level of governance during the years 2005-2009, took-off during the next five years (2009-2013) », explained the organization of the English-Sudanese billionaire, Mo Ibrahim, founded in 2006.

However, during the last ten years, the main forces of this generally positive trend changed.

« The results from IIAG 2014 call out our perception of the status of African governance. African continent progresses, but the story is complex and does not inevitably correspond to the current stereotypes. Even if the general board looks fine, we should stay vigilant and should not fall in self-indulgence« , declared Mo Ibrahim, chairman of the Foundation.

« IIAG 2014 shows that the heads of class should not consider their position as definitively acquired. Beyond, there is much to do so that this « African dynamics » on which everyone congratulates himself, is really of benefit to all fellow countrymen of our continent« , underlined for his part, Jay Naidoo, Mo Ibrahim Fondation Board member.

IIAG 2014 underlines the crucial character for the implementation of reliable and fair institutions such as sanitary structures, accountability or statistical bodies systems.

« Without them, we shall not be capable of facing suitably various challenges with which we are confronted, may it be a matter of consolidating the legal rule or managing a shock as Ebola« , concluded Hadeel Ibrahim, Mo Ibrahim Fondation Board member.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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