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Transition towards the digital: Togo left behind

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It is henceforth official that the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) will not be operational in Togo up from the coming 17th June as announced. Togo does not arrange necessary digital infrastructures to abandon the analogy.

« The Minister for Communication, Mrs. Kouméalo Anaté, indicated on Tuesday that Togo has already done a lot concerning the installation of a part of the digital equipment, but many stages are remaining so that Togo can comply with the digital standards« , it is what can be read on Tuesday on, the official news of Togo.

The Minister for communication, however, indicated that the Togolese televisions will continue broadcasting in analogy. This statement by Kouméalo Anaté has clarified the rumors according to which some TV channels of Togo are already available in digital.

As a reminder, TV users should equip themselves with appropriate decoders or have digital TV sets in order to receive DTT waves.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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