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5 years of Asky: positive balance sheet according to the management

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Africa Top Success reported it to you that the Pan-African company, Asky, celebrates its fifth anniversary this year. According to a communiqué published by its management, the balance sheet of the carrier is to be appreciated. ASKY currently operates 150 flights weekly for 22 stations through 19 countries of West and Central Africa.

The best African company of the year 2014 has also met the challenge at the level of punctuality. « We are very proud to have reached 2 million passengers. It shows of the quality of our service, on ground well as on board, our excellent connectivity options and our operating efficiency with a punctuality rate going up to 90 %. Above all, I should pay tribute to the employees of the family ASKY who work with passion every day and who are the main actors of this success« , declared the CEO of ASKY, Henok Teferra, before revealing the next goals of his structure:

« The target of ASKY is to meet the connectivity needs of travelers in West and Central Africa so that they can do business in the sub-region, carry out governmental activities and visit their friends and families« .


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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