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Gabon: opening of the 1st metallurgical plant of Central Africa

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For the very first time in Gabon, the third world manganese producer has just opened the first metallurgical Complex of the country and Central Africa. This new industry has employed more than 500 metallurgists and local miners and has partially reduced the problem of unemployment in Gabon.

The Metallurgical Complex of Moanda (CMM) is installed on a 50 hectare surface and has cost 160 billion FCFA. It will allow Gabon processing manganese ore on the spot.

The CMM plans an annual production of 3.8 million tons for its first exercise. For the President of the Republic, Ali Bongo, present in the inaugural ceremony, this new infrastructure is essential for the economic growth of the country.

« By deciding to encourage the local processing of our raw materials, I was eager not to punish the industrialists or harm them, but to put added value and thus offer to our economy, more solid, more sustainable sources of growth that can generate the most qualified and best paid jobs« .

Gabon no more satisfies itself with its third world manganese producer position. It desires to be the leader.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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