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Photo:David Ignaszewski

Gabon: the educational game « I know my country » launched in Libreville

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Photo:David Ignaszewski
Photo:David Ignaszewski

The young Gabonese lady, Estelle Dossamou, is the initiator of « I know my country« , an educational game that allows children to know better Gabon. The new product was officially launched on 14th March in Libreville.

Impressed by the capacity of children to learn by playing, Estelle Dossamou got the idea to introduce into the recreational activities of the latter, educational games that will allow them assimilating the history and the geography of Gabon as well as the civic values.

According to Estelle Dossamou, the new game will allow « children and their parents spending a few hours around the values of their country and learn things for which they have no time at all« .

« I know my country » consists of puzzles for the youngest and a game in the form of Ludo that allows the player progressing any time he finds a good answer. Finally, the game contains Gabonese proverbs.

« It is the game that speaks about Gabon under various aspects: history, geography and civics. We also have the Gabonese proverbs, stemming from the work by Raponda Walker« , specified Estelle Dossamou.

For the moment the game « I know my country » is for sale in 20.000 FCFA only at its promoter and at the Raponda Walker foundation, partner of the project.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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