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AFCON Gabon 2017: the steering committee revealed

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The Gabonese government, in a decree issued in council Ministers on 28th May 28th 2015, appointed the members of the High commission for the organization of the African Cu of the Nations 2017 and their assignments.

The new commission placed under the authority of the president of the Republic, has administrative and financial management autonomy. It is chaired by Christian Kerangall, CEO of Komo Private Company. The latter will be helped by three senior officials; François Joseph Sickout, Yves Fernand Manfoumbi and Pierre Alain Mouguengui.

The new team will have for mission to define projects to realize for the good organization of the African Cup of the Nations (AFCON 2017). It will thus decide on sports infrastructures to be built or to be renovated. Christian Kerangall and his collaborators will also execute the budgets for the aforementioned projects.

The Gabonese press is not unanimous on the name of the manager of the High commission for the organization of the AFCON 2017. In fact, Christian Kerangall is a defender of the commercial interests of France in Gabon. It is moreover for this reason that he was removed from the list of candidates in the municipal and local elections of 2013.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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