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Digital divide reduction: Gabon is doing its best

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Thanks to a ceremony organized on 11th June 2015, the telephony operator repeated its determination to contribute to the best coverage of the national territory and a bigger connectivity with the rest of the world.

Gabon Telecom recently repeated its promise to make of Gabon, one of the countries of Africa the most advanced in terms of penetration of information and communication technologies (ICTS). Several months after the obtaining of the 3G and 4G licenses, the telephony operator intends to go high a gear, asserting that they are working to implement the will of the government to reach the reduction of the digital divide as soon as possible. Thanks to a ceremony organized in Libreville within the framework of the 15th Global Symposium Regulators (GSR), Gabon Telecom appeared as « Forerunner » of the new generation telecommunications, by launching on the market a new communication tool, compatible with 3G, at a lower cost.


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