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Ivory Coast: an artist tries to sacrifice himself

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A horrible scene nearly happened on Thursday in the premises of the Ivorian Copyrights Office (BURIDA). An Ivorian artist tried to sacrifice himself by fire in front of its premises.

Unsatisfied with his payment in terms of copyright, José du Bonheur decided to let it know to the BURIDA by the most horrible way: immolation.

The author of the famous song « Gah » in the 90s, tried to sacrifice himself by fire for having received from the BURIDA, the amount of 11.000 FCFA, exactly one note of 10.000 and other of 1000, in conformance with the payment of his rights.

The intervention of the staff of the structure was necessary to prevent the artist from achieving his threat.

His song, « Gah » that means death in Gouro (a local language mainly spoken in the Marahoué regions), was really successful with the music lovers at the beginning of the 20th century.

But since then, become old-fashioned, the song went out with the artist has become nothing than his simplest expression: a man as any others.

Living thus in the imagination of this past glory, the artist did not understand till accepting both notes of 10.000 and 1.000 FCFA that were given to him as copyright.


Original text by: Africahotnews

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