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Ivory Coast: Singuila in Abidjan on 7th June for a huge concert

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Singuila is announcing holiday’s colors in Abidjan. The R&B star is expected in Ivory Coast capital town on this 7th June for a huge concert in a full house. In a video that is making the tour of Ivory Coast sites, the artist confirmed the show. « Hello Abidjan, I am Singuila. I shall be with you on Saturday, 7th June for a huge concert in Treichville at culture palace », said Singuila towards his fans to announce his return into Abidjan.

While waiting for the next release of his new album « entre 2« , the public of Ivory Coast will be entitled to his very new singles « Ma liberté » and « Rossignol » which video clips are eagerly awaited.

Of his real name Singuila Bedaya Ngaro, Singuila is a French artist of Congolese origin. The former member of the Psyché poetique group, he began his solo career with rap before finding his vocation, R&B. his songs that got success in African night clubs and radio stations are «Ma conscience», «Ma nature» «Aïcha» or «L’enfant du pays».


2003 : On ne vit qu’une fois
2006 : Ghetto Compositeur
2009 : Ça fait mal

•    2003 : Aïcha
•    2003 : C’est trop
•    2003 : Ma conscience
•    2004 : J’avance en chantant
•    2006 : Le temps passe trop vite
•    2006 : Ma nature
•    2008 : Je cherchais les mots
•    2009 : Reviens je t’en prie
•    2009 : J’suis KO ft. Marc Antoine
•    2010 : Ça fait mal
•    2011 : Je la veux (Remix of Hold U by Gyptian)
•    2011 : Le sang chaud
•    2012 : Mieux loin de moi
•    2013 : Doliprane
•    2013 : All night feat Red eye club
•    2013 : Qu’est-ce qu’elle est bonne ft.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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