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Magic System: «We owe our success to the press»

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The Ivory Coast musical group, Magic System continues making the tour of the world with seven albums to their credit. And they dedicate their lightning success to the national and international press.

« We owe our success to the press« , asserted the spokesman of the group Salif Traoré alias A’Salfo during a dinner-talk in the middle of this week.

However, the vocal leader recommended to their partners « to be careful » in the exercise of their job because « a pen can kill an artist forever« , supported

« I am the most powerful man of the world, but not in front of the press« , A’Salfo held up thus as an example, the words of the American president, Barack Obama.

Revealing the musical diary of the group, he indicated that for two days, « Magic System will present at the Olympia in Paris on 13th September » in a concert for as assessment of their artistic career « reviewing all their seven albums« .

On 30th November, A’Salfo and his friends will also be at the « mass » of Zouglou in Abidjan, at the palace of the culture.

Talking about the Magic System Foundation matter, the group indicated that they will make their baptism of fire next year and will manage the social aspect of the Urban Music Festival of Abidjan (Femua).


Original text by: Blaise AKAME
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