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Senegal: the book «Mes étoiles noires» by Thuram launched in Dakar

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June, 16th, the Day of the African Child, is the date chosen by the Papyrus Editions to proceed to the launching of the Pan-African version of the book « Mes étoiles noires: de Lucy à Barack Obama« . Co-published by a dozen of publishing houses of Africa and Haiti, the work of former international French football player is in fact a series of portraits of Black personalities, men and women who made the history of Africa and the humanity.

In order to assure the promotion of the book, the author is expected in Dakar on 19th July at the Sheik Anta Diop University of Dakar. « Mes étoiles noires: de Lucy à Barack Obama » is already translated into Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and adapted in comic strips. According to a communiqué from Papyrus, the coedition of the book was possible thank to a partnership between the Lilian Thuram-Education Foundation against the racism and the international Alliance of the independent editors.

Of Guadelupian origin, Thuram made the history of the French football by winning with Blues, the world cup France 98. He was also a champion of Europe in 2000 and a vice-champion of the world in 2006. Thuram was raised to the rank of the Officer of the Legion of Honor in 2013. In April, he was in Benin within the framework of the promotion of his work.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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